Are you aged 14-17 and have climbing experience?

It is possible for those aged 14yrs+ to climb without parental supervision at Boulder Shack.  

There are two entries into this, depending on age and experience.  Please make sure you read the relevant information below carefully to fully understand the procedure.

14-15 Year Olds

To climb unsupervised as a 14 or 15 year old you are required to have shown consistent, responsible behaviour to our team, completed an Induction (or equivalent) and climbed with us on least 5 separate occasions – if you have any questions, please speak to a member of the team for more information on this assessment. The following steps must be completed:

Step 1 – You are required to have attended Boulder Shack with a parent/ guardian and completed an Induction Session.  *This session is not required if you, as a supervising adult have previous climbing experience. 

Step 2 – Having completed step-one; the child must attend Boulder Shack under the supervision of a competent adult for a further 5 visits.  

Step 3 – On visit 5 the child and parent/ guardian should attend Boulder Shack and request a ‘Under 16 Sign-Off Request’ which is to be completed by a member of the Shack Team.  You will be asked questions about the experience you have gained.  Once this has been done you will do your 5th supervised climb with a parent/ guardian. 

These forms are reviewed regularly, and if accepted you will receive a copy of the ‘Junior Unsupervised Waiver’ by email.*  Once this is completed, your child can climb unsupervised at Boulder Shack.  

*If the request is not successful, your child will still need supervision by a competent adult to climb at Boulder Shack.  

16-17 Year Olds

If you are 16 or 17, you’ll need to complete the following steps to be able to climb unsupervised:

Step 1 – There must be a ‘Main Facility Waiver’ completed and countersigned by a legal parent/ guardian.  

Step 2 – You must have attended Boulder Shack with a parent/ guardian and completed an Induction Session with their parent/guardian.  *This session is not required if the child has a background of climbing in other centres, in a Junior Club or supervised setting. 

Step 3 – Both the teenager and parent/ guardian must attend the centre, and ask to complete a ‘Junior Unsupervised Waiver’.  If attending the Induction Session, this form is to be completed after the session has ended.  

Once all of the forms have been completed, your child will be able to climb in the centre without supervision, however they may not use the free weights section or campus board.  Your child may not supervise any other users. 

*It should be noted that these Unsupervised Sign-Offs are a privilege; if at any point a member of the Boulder Shack Team feels a young person’s behaviour is dangerous, or not at the level expected for safe independent climbing, a conversation will be started about reviewing the young persons Unsupervised status.   

If you’re under the age of 14 years, haven’t climbed before or a little rusty,

please check out our ‘First Visit to Boulder Shack’ page for more information

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