Our Ethos

At Boulder Shack we do our best to make sure that everyone can climb; from the youngest of the young, to the oldest of the old.  We pride ourselves on setting high quality, accessible climbs.

We change a section of wall EVERY Friday, at a minimum.  We have a team of keen, talented in-house setters, who are working really hard to keep you all ‘on your toes’ (get it?!).  In addition we get a number of professional route setters to come and flex their creative muscles on a regular basis.

As a route setter, it’s really important to have a creative mind.  We make sure each setter has a blank canvas each time they come in.  This does mean that we have empty sections of wall each evening before a route set.  But you can flip that on it’s head, and think that the next day there will be new offerings to challenge you.

The aim of a route setter is to create climbs which you feel compelled to climb; “I have to climb that pink…!”.  We work really hard to make our problems aesthetically pleasing, without sacrificing functionality.

Community Route Setting

Have you ever wondered what it takes to set a route? You can find out… We’re one of the few centres in the UK who give you, our customers the opportunity to route set.  The first Monday of each month we hold a ‘Community Route Set’ evenings where you will learn the basics of how to set pretty, good quality boulders!

So come on down to ‘The Shack’, and get involved.”  

Book your ‘Community Route Setting Workshop’ here!