Boulder Shack Climbing Gym was built by a community of climbers, for a community of climbers. We’ve been overwhelmed by the support and encouragement from so many wonderful people, both during the initial build and at all times since.

The Birth Of BoulderShack

Once upon a time, there wasn’t…… Now, there is.

Through crowdfunding we managed to raise enough to support the new property, from there it was game on.

Not only did the community raise over £32,000, but we also had an astonishing turn out of anybody who knew anything and nothing about building, painting and electrician…ing? And one or two other things.

With the philosophy of many hands made light work as a community we made ourselves all that you see before you. From donated furniture and lights to constructing the café and reception, painting walls floors and ceilings.

Since then we have had an overwhelming number of volunteers and help through working with us and in some cases becoming actual members of the Boulder Shack team Without the amazing support we have received, none of this would have been possible.

The turn out and support for our climbing clubs and fitness classes have been second to none and we couldn’t have asked for a more enthusiastic and involved community. So far, all the clubs and classes have had great feedback and the people undertaking them have made amazing progress.

A Look Forward

One of the many things we have been working on in the background is to clear and rebuild the outback garden area, with this we have been working hard to clear the ground change the soil and get new plants growing to improve the area, with a potential summer BBQ area on the horizon for summer with some potential climber celebration party maybe possibly who knows?

Before and After Photo Series 

As a reminder of how far we all have come we created a short photo series that show how Boulder Shack climbing centre looked like before we first opened and how it looks NOW (which is April 2019 as per time of writing). Without you and the amazing support we have received from you, none of this would have been possible. Just look at these photos and see how things have changed! Incredible!