Boulder Shack offers bouldering facilities for adults, children and parents. Whether you’re a first-time climber or a high-end performance competition climber we’ve got everything you need!

This page is aimed at adults and juniors aged 4 – 17 years old that are new to, or with limited experience at bouldering and wishing to climb at Boulder Shack.


Should I complete an Induction Plus?

If you’ve never climbed before or you have limited indoor bouldering experience you’ll need to book onto one of our fun 45 minute Induction Plus classes. You must also take part in our Induction Plus class if you haven’t had regular and recent climbing experience and wish to supervise a climber under 18 years of age (read more on this below).

You can climb unsupervised if you are being signed in by an existing user/experienced climber. Once you have been signed in on three separate occasions you will be able to climb unsupervised.

What is included in it?

During this hands-on Induction Plus session you will be given a tour of the centre and a demonstration of how to use our facility safely. Shoes are included in the session and you are welcome to continue climbing after the induction has finished. Once the session is completed, you will be able to use the centre unsupervised and supervise under 18s!

How much is it?

Induction Plus classes cost £12 for adults and we run at least two every day. View our calendar to check availability and book your Induction Plus.

Anything else I need to know?

You will also need to watch the Boulder Shack Safety Induction Video and complete a Boulder Shack waiver, this can be done online here before your visit to save you time on arrival.

Wear comfortable clothing which allows you to stretch, shoes will be provided with the Induction Plus.

Book Your Induction Plus Online Here

14 & 17 YEAR OLDS

If you are 14 – 17 years old you may either climb under the direct supervision of an adult (as detailed below, “6 to 13 years”) or can be given permission by your parent or legal guardian to manage your own safety and to climb without adult supervision. To climb unsupervised as a 14 – 17 year old requires you to have either: completed level 3 NIBAS or, shown acceptable, responsible behaviour on at least 5 separate occasions whilst climbing at Boulder Shack.

The first step for both you and your parent / legal guardian to watch the Boulder Shack Induction Video and to complete the centre waiver together. You can either do this online here, or in the centre on arrival. You will both need to sign this so must be together at this stage.

Then, irrespective of experience you must attend an Induction Plus class. During your hands-on class you will learn about this amazing centre and how to use it safely. After the class you will be able to use all of Boulder Shack’s facilities (except the campus boards) whenever you like

Induction Plus classes cost £8.50 for 14 – 17 year olds and we run at least two every day. Check the events calendar to see when then next Induction Plus class is.

6 – 13 YEARS

Children aged 6 to 13 years old must be under direct adult supervision at all times whilst at Boulder Shack. The maximum ratio is 1 adult to 2 children. If you are an experienced climbing adult with regular and recent experience then you will need to watch the Boulder Shack Safety Video and complete the centre waiver for both you and each child.

If you are new to climbing yourself then you will also need to watch the safety video and complete the waivers. Then you will need to attend an Induction Plus class. This class will teach you practical skills for safely looking after children at Boulder Shack.

Now you’ll be ready to climb and each adult (whether climbing themselves or not) may supervise two 6-13 year olds.

4 – 5 YEARS

The same guidelines as above apply to children aged 4 to 5 years old but must always be supervised on a 1 to 1 ratio, with no exceptions.

Under 4’s

Please re-visit this page soon for information on instructed classes for under 4’s.