Have Fun & Keep Fit at Boulder Shack Climbing Gym

This January you get AWESOME deals too!

What is bouldering and why do it?

Why Choose Bouldering?

Bouldering is a form of climbing. You climb on walls up to about 4.5m high, with no ropes and above thick crash mats. As there are no ropes you don’t need to learn any fancy skills to start out. Routes are made up of coloured hand and foot holds. The aim is to climb one colour hold from the bottom to the top. Simple right?!

Of course, the routes start at the super easy end of the scale and get harder and harder, so there’s always a new challenge. Often, the challenge doesn’t require more brute strength – but balance, coordination and a problem-solving skills. You’ll find yourself chatting with others as you work out any one of our 350 boulder problems we have here – but be quick! A section of the wall gets re-set each week with each route being up for just 10 weeks!

…Oh, and it’s super addictive!

  • Increases full-body strength

  • Improves flexibility

  • Improves problem solving skills

  • Great fun and social!

  • No experience needed

January Sales

Whether you’re super experienced or want to give bouldering a try for the first time – we’ve got some awesome deals for you!

  • NEW TO BOULDERING? 50% OFF EXCITING COACHED INDUCTION PLUS SESSIONS (allowing you to come back whenever you want!)

  • STARTING A MEMBERSHIP? Up to £50 GIFT VOUCHER to spend on ANYTHING at Boulder Shack when signing up for a membership! CLICK HERE TO START YOUR MEMBERSHIP

  • EXISTING MEMBER? FREE ENTRY for ALL new guests being signed in – there is no limit to the amount of friends you can bring!

Read on below to find out more about these awesome deals!

These Awesome Deals
Ending In Just


in a little more depth…

  • 50% off Exciting Coached Inductions Plus Sessions.

If you’ve never been bouldering before then you just need to attend an induction plus class. These are fun, 45 minute long sessions with one of our trained Instructors!

By attending an Induction Plus session you will be able to come in whenever you want to climb unsupervised, or to supervise under 18’s!

So here’s the deal! We’re knocking the prices down this January from £12 per adult to only £6 for an adult and £8.50 per child to just £4.25 per child!! AND this includes FREE SHOE HIRE and you can climb for as long as you want afterwards!

 Check times and book your Induction Plus Class online here today.

  • Up to £50 Cash Voucher when signing up for membership

If you sign up for a 6 month membership in January you will receive a £20 cash voucher, sign up for 12 months and receive a mega £50 cash voucher!

Cash vouchers can be used on ANYTHING and can be used in conjunction with any other offer. Use your voucher in the cafe, shop, for equipment rental or even Performance Coaching, Junior Climbing Clubs and Kids Parties… the choice is yours! Start your new membership ONLINE HERE,  call us on 023 8017 1808 or pop in and speak to a member of our super friendly team!

  • Free Entry for all new guests

Any new user of Boulder Shack that is being signed in by an existing user will get a FREE ENTRY; it really is THAT simple!

If needed, you will still need to hire shoes but trust us – it will be worth it! Then, after you’ve had a climb you might even want to take advantage of the incredible membership offers above!

So, existing users, now is your opportunity to introduce as many friends as you like to this super fun sport! There is NO LIMIT to the amount of friends you can bring over January, provided our supervision and ratios regulations are met!

What Our Valued Customers Say

Fabulous place, friendly and chilled out, great ambience. We had our son’s party here and would recommend it highly. The games were fun and engaging whilst learning the pleasures of bouldering. The staff were engaged with the kids and were encouraging to all
We will be back….many thanks


Having enjoyed climbing in the past this place is perfect. Lots of variety of difficulty on the bouldering walls and some climbing walls which I haven’t tried yet. Pretty reasonable too!


Staff are friendly, and prices are good! The walls have a large range of routes for all-abilities, including a kids wall with a slide. There’s also a nice seating area to relax.


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