What is an Intro to Roped Climbing Course

This fun and friendly Intro to Roped Climbing course is the best way to learn the ropes and discover the world of climbing with ropes. You will learn to be a competent and safe climber, and once you’ve completed the course you’ll be able to climb here at Boulder Shack or any other roped climbing centre in the UK.

During the course you will learn how to:

  • tie-in to a climbing rope
  • control a rope for a climber
  • manage your safety in a climbing wall
  • climb with good fundamental movement techniques
  • boulder with safe confidence

Who is it for?

Anyone aged 18 or over who has never rope climbed before, or had a taster session years ago will enjoy this course.

You don’t have to be super fit or strong to climb, check out our recent blog post where we myth busted a few common reasons people don’t think they can climb! Maybe you’ve seen climbing in the olympics and fancy trying to get there one day, or perhaps you like the idea of an easy-going, sociable sport. Either way, this is the place to start.

How Much is it & how long it is?

This Intro to Ropoed Climbing Course is an incredible £78 per person! (We’ve made this as cheap as it is to help everyone get into climbing. The standards remain high!)

The course is three 1.5 hour sessions, usually on a weeknight, one night a week for three weeks. See the booking calendar below for the latest schedule.

Do I Need to Bring Anything?

You don’t need to bring anything for the Intro to Roped Climbing Course as all equipment including climbing shoes will be provided. Just wear something comfortable that you’re able to move freely in. You may want to bring a bottle of water, however, we do also have an awesome cafe filled with delicious hot and cold food and drinks!

Anything Else I Need to Know?

Nope, but if you do have any questions before booking, don’t hesitate in getting in touch here. We’re always happy to help.