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Please have a read of our Frequently Asked Questions below. If you need further information or would like to book then please just contct us here.

Is Boulder Shack just bouldering?2017-07-13T09:49:02+01:00

As well and a mass of awesome bouldering, we also run exciting fitness classes on a daily basis. This is everything from Yoga and Pilates through to Dynamic Strength classes and Movement Coaching Workshops. These classes are all free to Gold members or just £6 each.

Is climbing / bouldering good exercise?2017-07-13T09:44:35+01:00

Rock climbing is a fantastic all round form of exercise and a great, fun alternative to the boredom of Gyms. Climbing doesn’t always require you to have super strong arms, as climbs can be completed using technique and finesse also. As well as being great exercise, climbing will also promote proprioception, problem-solving and coordination skills!

Is there parking near the centre?2017-07-13T09:42:00+01:00

Yes! There is ample parking for many cars/motorbikes right outside the centre. Please be respectful of our neighbors and don’t park in front of Spiral Weld whilst they are open during the day. For big events you may need to park on the street outside of Imperial Park where we are based.

Do you have any specialist equipment to help those with disabilities take part in this activity?2017-07-13T09:40:07+01:00

Unfortunately, we don’t currently have any specialist equipment allowing those with disabilities to take part in the activities. However, we do have an experienced team of instructors who regularly work with those with disabilities. In some cases, it’s not necessary to use any specialist equipment at all to take part in activities. Please call or email with your specific requirements and we can see if we can help.

Is there disabled access to the building, activity & facilities?2017-07-13T09:40:20+01:00

There is disabled (wheelchair) access to all of the above.

Are there any supervision requirements?2020-02-11T20:25:06+00:00

Under 16’s or inexperienced climbers must be supervised by an experienced adult at all times. “Experienced” means having had recent and regular experience of bouldering and/or supervising bouldering. If these experience requirements are not met then adults can book onto one of our induction plus sessions allowing them to supervise. (follow the link below).

One adult may supervise a maximum of two climbers over the age of 5 at any one time. Please read here for climbers below the aged 4 and 5.

Is there a minimum age for Climbing / Bouldering?2020-02-11T20:11:13+00:00

To climb at Boulder Shack, you must be at least 4 years old.

Read more about our age limits and supervision guidance here.

Do I need any specialist equipment to take part in bouldering?2017-07-13T09:32:53+01:00

All you will need to take part in bouldering at Boulder Shack is a pair of climbing shoes, which we have available to hire if you don’t already have your own.


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