Haven’t Climbed Before? Join in an Exciting Induction!

Haven’t climbed before? Or feel a little rusty? Our fun Induction sessions are the perfect way to learn the basics! What’s more, afterwards you’ll be able to come back and climb whenever you like! Read on to find out how to come down for an Induction!

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Already climb regularly?

If you have recent and regular climbing experience, you simply need to pre-register.

Anyone being checked in by an experienced climber will also need to pre-register. For information on supervision ratios, please click here.

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New to bouldering?

Lucky you, there’s so much to discover at Boulder Shack!

You’ll just need to join a 25 minute coached Induction class with one of our friendly team members.

Induction Key Facts:

  • Ideal for junior & adult climbers

  • Free for supervising adults

  • Free shoe hire

  • Become confident with coaching support

  • Stay and climb after for as long as you like

  • Come back and climb independently, anytime, forevermore

  • Become able to supervise up to two other novices
    (check supervision ratios here)

  • Book online now, below!

Supervision & Ratios

All children must be aged 4 or older to climb. For every two children you bring over the age of 6, you need one adult supervising. For children aged between 4-5, an adult can supervise one child only. This includes kids who aren’t climbing.

Supervision means you need to be within eyesight of your child(ren) at all times. For younger ones not old enough to climb, you must be within arms’ reach. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Alternatively, click to expand the below tabs for more information.

If you’ve never climbed before, or you have limited indoor bouldering experience you’ll need to take a 25 minute Induction Plus class. The Induction Plus class must also be taken by any adult (without regular & recent climbing experience) wanting to supervise under 18s (read more on this below). During this hands-on class you will learn about this amazing centre and how to use it safely.

(You can also climb without the need of an induction if you are being signed in by an existing user/experienced climber, up to a max ratio of 1 experience climber to 2 novice climbers. Once you have been signed in on three separate occasions you will be signed off as an unsupervised climber, no longer requiring an Induction Plus and able to sign in novice climbers).

If you are 14-17 years old you may either climb under the direct supervision of an adult (as detailed in the ‘6-13 years’ section) or can be given permission by your parent/legal guardian to manage your own safety and to climb without adult supervision. Please see below for more information on this process.

To climb unsupervised as a 14 or 15  year old you are required to have shown consistent, responsible behaviour to our team, completed an Induction Plus (or equivalent) and climbed with us on least 5 separate occasions – just speak to a member of the team for more information on this assessment.

If you are 16 or 17, you’ll need to complete an induction, or have regular recent experience in bouldering elsewhere. Then you just need to complete our junior unsupervised waiver at reception with your parent/guardian present.

Children aged 6-13 years old must be under direct adult supervision at all times whilst at Boulder Shack. The maximum ratio is 1 adult:2 children. If you are an experienced climbing adult with regular and recent experience then you will need to watch the Boulder Shack Safety Video and complete the centre waiver for  yourself and each child.

If you are new to climbing yourself then you will need to attend an Induction Plus class. This class will teach you practical skills for safely looking after children at Boulder Shack.

Now you’ll be ready to climb and supervise up to two 6-13 year olds, whether you are climbing yourself or not.

The same guidelines as stated above apply to children aged 4-5 years old, however they must always be supervised on a 1:1 ratio, with no exceptions.

4 years old is our minimum age for children who are not on professionally instructed sessions.

Check out our Climbing Tots class here for under 4s.

5 Star Customer Reviews

Based on the average review of over 250 reviews in the past 6 months.

Such a great experience and the kids loved it! A massive thank you to Olly for (patiently) helping us get started, we definitely have the climbing bug and will be back very soon (if only for more well-earned cake!)


We really enjoyed our experience, staff were friendly and knowledgeable. Great atmosphere, great facilities, we will be returning!


Awesome venue. Loads of routes to climb, all grades. Staff are very friendly, helpful and welcoming even to complete newbies like myself. Cafe is great with a great view of the competition wall. Uber cool.


Well done Hannah, your enthusiasm helped our Explorer Scout thoroughly enjoy themselves!


Ben was great! Really helpful and approachable. Thank you!


The induction was brilliant fun. I hadn’t planned on climbing myself, just on supervising my daughter, but I couldn’t help myself. We love it and we’ll be back soon! Thank you!


Amazing!! My son wanted to go there with friends for his birthday and loved it, and what made it even better was his little sister could join in too. They all loved it. Staff are lovely and friendly. We will be coming back. Thank you.


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