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No more booking required

Just come on down for a climb whenever you like, just like the good old days. No need to book.

There might be a slight queue at the peak times (Monday to Thursday 6pm-8pm) but, if that’s the case, it won’t take long to get in.

If you’re visiting us for the first time then please click here to read our “First Visit” page for more information before your arrival.


Yes, we are open! Come down for a climb, no need to book! If you would like to see how busy we are please check the real-time climber counter (above or on our home page!)

Following the government’s relaxation of restrictions on 19th July we have made some changes to our procedures:

  • You no longer have to book! You can come to climb whenever you like. Please check our real-time climber counter to see when we are busy.
  • You don’t have to wear a mask whilst in the centre any more. We do recommend that you do, particularly when in close contact with others. We will be recommending that our staff continue to wear masks when in close proximity to other staff and customers. Please ask us if you would like us to wear a mask.
  • There is no longer a one way system. You can move around the centre in any direction you please! (Just please be respectful of others’ space.)
  • You an order food from the cafe counter again. We will still be keeping our ordering app if you’d still prefer to use this.

We have a number of fitness and coaching classes running at the centre. From yoga, to dynamic strength, to coaching for climbing! You can book these HERE.

Yep! Our cafe is open and back to offering a full menu of hot food (including our amazing pizzas!), drinks, cakes and pastries, bottled drinks, snacks and bars.

We have a number of events coming up at the centre. We regularly advertise these around the centre, on our website blog posts and social media. Keep an eye out for what we have coming up!

Procedures for you, shaped by you.

Below are our current procedures but please be aware that we will be developing them with your valued feedback. If you’d like to see things done differently then just say, we want your views to shape the procedures we put in place. 

This page was last updated on: 21/10/2021

How To Come Climbing

Personal health

This may go without saying but please take a moment to really consider your own health before visiting. If you have recently tested positive or have any of the COVID-19 symptoms identified here on the government website then please ensure you have fully followed the appropriate guidelines for self-isolation.

We ask that everyone who enters the centre uses our infrared thermometer placed on the wall next to the membership card scanner upon entry.

Come down for a climb!

You no longer have to book to climb, just come down for a climb whenever you like (like the good old days!) There may sometimes be a queue at our peak times (Mon – Thurs 6-8pm) but if that’s the case, it won’t take long to get in. You might just want to check our real-time climber counter at the top of this page before you come down.

*Remember: If you walk or cycle down you get a free cuppa on us!*

Don’t have a membership?

You could also buy a Membership (direct debit or single month) or a Punch Card (pre-paid bundles of individual entries). Now available in bundles of 10, 5 or 1 (a single punch card entry).

Changing & Showers

We have small changing rooms, so please try to arrive in the clothes you’d like to climb in. If you would like to change then please use either the changing room or showers whilst taking care to maintain social distancing.

The showers will be open as usual and cleaned regularly. If you can wait to shower at home then great, but we’re more than happy for you to freshen up with us too.

Please note: You will still be able to hire shoes with us on your visit.

Face Coverings

You no longer have to wear a face mask whilst in the centre. We do recommend that you do, particularly when in close contact with others. We will be encouraging our staff to wear masks when in close proximity with other staff members and customers. PLEASE ask us to wear a mask if you would like us to!

Hand washing and sanitisation

We encourage all of our visitors to regularly clean their hands whilst in the centre. Particularly upon entry and before and after any breaks between climbing. We have hand gel dispensers placed across the centre, or alternatively you can use our bathroom sinks with soap.

Liquid chalk Liquid Chalk with a 70% or higher alcohol content is for sale in the shop. We strongly recommend you use this regularly throughout your climbing. More information on this is available in the shop.

Taking breaks

Bouldering is a strength-based activity and we know this means we need to take breaks. We have an awesome café full of tasty hot and cold drinks and food, including freshly made rustic pizzas and ice cold milkshakes! Come and find us at the cafe counter. Remember to wash your hands before and after you take a break with one of our handy cleaning stations placed around the centre.

Keep Checking This Page

Please remember that our procedures are subject to change at short notice as we will be listening to and acting on your feedback and the guidance in this ever-changing situation.