There is ample parking right outside the centre and you need to register your car on arrival at the centre or risk getting a parking charge notice.  There is a white tablet on the wall next to the changing rooms to add your vehicle registration to the system. In the unlikely event that you are issued a parking charge notice and you have added your vehicle to the system, please bring the PCN to a member of the team and we will raise it with the parking company on your behalf.  If you did not register your car and received a PCN, we cannot appeal this on your behalf.

We have colour coded parking spaces with different rules for when you can use them; all pink bays are available to be used 24/7, blue bays are only to be used from 5:30pm in the evening and at weekends as these belong to our neighbours.  If these spaces are all full please find alternative parking on the main road whilst showing consideration for the other businesses.  Please see the diagram here for more information.