What better way to while away the wintery days than a game or two with friends?

On Sunday 27th November, we’re transforming Boulder Shack into a Shack of Games with…

  • Board In The City in the Fitness Suite from 12-4pm
  • Climbing games on the walls
  • Table top games in the café
  • Free cookie for anyone donating a game to our Community Games Shelf

Whether you’re deep into D+D or quite enjoy a round of Uno once in a while, there will be something here for you!

With the BITC Games Masters on hand to guide you, there are games pitched at all ages, interests and abilities.

…And, if you’ve got some lonely un-played games around your home, give them a new lease of life and donate them to our Community Games Shelf for everyone in the centre to enjoy, all year round! You’ll get a cookie in return!

Free gaming for all – just turn up and play!

Standard climbing prices apply.