Some of the Touch team will be hanging out in the café space on Thursday 28th July from 6-9pm to chat about a new project they have recently launched, called Men Together.

The project is all about advancing mental health equalities and supporting better mental health in underrepresented groups in the local area. As a result of this, Touch are hosting a series of informal get-togethers for men (open to anyone who’s gender identity is male) in community spaces across the city.

A place to;

  • Connect with others
  • Recognise your own resilience
  • Gain confidence to face tough times
  • Share ideas for coping strategies
  • Get linked up with local support networks

You’ll find some of the Touch team at Boulder Shack chatting about the get-togethers, answering any questions you may have and talking about the other work that they do. If you like the sound of the sessions but want to find out a bit more, then come down and have a chat!

If you’ve not visited us before and fancy trying out an hour of bouldering whilst you’re here, you can book an Induction Plus session below.