Goodbye Adam

I first met Adam when he was about 13 years old, when he came to Southampton Climbing Wall for learn to climb course in the school holidays. He was super enthusiastic, constantly wanting to learn and it quickly became clear that Adam had a real passion for climbing.

Not only was Adam part of the first Southampton Junior Climbing Squad that we set up, he was one of the youngsters who drove us to do it. It was clear that Adam and a few other psyched young climbers had a greater hunger for climbing than we were currently providing for. The Southampton (and now Boulder Shack) Squad was born!

Within days of his 18th birthday, Adam completed his climbing instructor qualification, becoming one of our most reliable and dedicated instructors. Now, Adam is a fantastic coach and I can see the inspiration he is providing to this generation of the squads, particularly with his entry and success in this years British Bouldering Championships.

Adam was a key playing in the creation of Boulder Shack and was always been first in line to offer his support. When you look around Boulder Shack, you will see many things that Adam has passionately built.

I’ve been privileged to climb with Adam at various spots around the UK and even a couple of trips to Spain. The bright-eyed lad I met way-back-when is still just as psyched about his climbing now, continuing to push me in my own climbing too.

When Adam called me to say that he would be leaving to take a job in North Wales, it was immediately clear that this is a brilliant move for him. The mountain are calling! As much as I, the Boulder Shack team and all the local climbers will miss him; I know I speak for us all in saying that we wish Adam all the best with his new venture and look forward to hearing the stories.

Tim Miller

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