With the exciting news that we will be hosting the first round of the BMC Youth Climbing Series for the second year running (hell yeah!) we think it’s only right that we once again host another…


When is it?

This fun competition, being held on Sunday 26th January, is open to absolutely EVERYONE – using the Youth Climbing Series Comp blocs from the previous day!

What is a Redpoint Comp?

Here are the rules:

  1. Each bloc is worth a maximum of 50 points.
  2. Each hold has a points value (the higher you get, the more points).
  3. Redpoint means you have unlimited attempts (as long as your skin allows!!)
  4. At 18:00, the person with the most points wins (max of 1500 points)
  5. It will kick off at 12:00 and you have until 18:00.

Anything else I need to know?

Scorecards are FREE. Yes, you heard right, this competition is free to enter! All you have to do is pay your normal door entry AND to top it all off, for every scorecard submitted we’ll give you a hot drink on the house! What’s not to love?! Check out our REDPOINT COMPETITION EVENT PAGE on Facebook for more information.