Hooray we can get back to climbing!

But before we jump straight back, let’s go through a few things we have to remember in order to keep things running smoothly and the centre safe.

Please visit our How to Come Climbing page for our Health and Safety regulations and up-to-date FAQs

In order to make sure we stay within our maximum capacity in the centre and have enough space for everyone to climb safely, we are asking everyone to book their climb in advance. Climbing slots are 2.5 hours at a time to give you plenty of time to get a good climb in!

Haven’t climbed before? Lucky you! You get to see what all of the excitement of climbing at Boulder Shack is about for the first time! We are running covid-safe, private inductions for individuals or those within the same household or bubble. Simply CLICK HERE to book your private Induction Plus!

Arrive on Time for your Climb!

This one might sound obvious, but especially now that we have to be extra vigilant with the number of people within our centre we ask that you arrive promptly for your booked climbing slot.

If you’re more than 15 minutes late we may have to turn you away depending on the numbers in the centre at that time – and we don’t want to do that! So please arrive on time! 😊

Stick to your bubble!

Per government rules, you can’t meet with anyone outside of your household or support bubbles indoors. This means that you can only climb with those in your household or bubble for the time being.

It is stated by the government that the ‘rule of 6’ will come back into place on the 17th May, meaning you will be able to climb with those outside of your household or bubble then. We’re a social bunch us climbers! But let’s stick to the rules so we can get back to climbing together soon!

You must wear a mask

Per government rules, you must wear a mask at all times in the centre. The only exception to this is when you are actually climbing when you can choose whether you would prefer to wear a mask or not. The team will be wearing face shields at all times except for when behind the cafe screen when they will be wearing a mask.

If you would like to purchase an awesome, Boulder Shack style, reusable mask, check out what we have on offer in the shop!

enjoy refreshments outside

Per government rules we are unable to open our cafe and serve our usual food and drinks. We are still be able to offer a range of pre-packaged and takeaway food and drinks to keep you energised throughout your climb or to take away with you afterwards, however this must be consumed outside.

We know that bouldering is a strength based sport and taking breaks is important, therefore our usual table seating area has been replaced with socially distanced seating allowing you to take breaks.

Supervise a maximum of 2 children

You can only supervise a maximum of two children in the centre- this includes if only one child is climbing. This is outlined in the ‘Supervision and Ratios’ section of Climbing with Parental Supervision. For more information on climbing supervision, please CLICK HERE.

Please visit our How to Come Climbing page for our Health and Safety regulations and up-to-date FAQs