On the 16th of February, we celebrated our 2nd Birthday Party: back to the 80s! Giles helped to convert Boulder Shack into a climbing gym of the past: smoke machine, laser lights were everywhere and a disco ball was hanging from the ceiling in the centre. Awesome music – thanks to Collin and Alex, who were our DJs of the night. Many people showed up with disco costumes, bright spandex pants and bright colour T-Shirts and of course with big smiles on their faces. There were balloons all around the centre as well as a red carpet to welcome everyone upon their arrival.
We prepared VIP goodie bags for our members who booked their tickets in advance and that included a complimentary bubbly drink, Cliff and Hard bar, discount in our climbing shop and Black Diamond climbing stickers.

There were fun climbing challenges throughout the night. For example, we organised a challenge with a Bring Sally Up song. More than 30 people gathered together by our competition wall and rules were simple: everyone could choose to do low plank/ high plank or do push-ups for as long as they could or until the song finished (it lasts around 3 min 45 sec). Oh my, you feel your arms burning in the end! Check this song out on YouTube and try it at home yourself! You challenge yourself with push-ups, plank, squats or even pull-ups!

We also organised a dyno competition and had many people participating. It was not only fun to participate, but also exciting to watch other climbers doing those impressive dynos. We had awesome prizes from Black Diamond, Cliff bars and Hard bars for the top three dyno winners! Exciting times!
As dyno competitions are always such a big success, next year we are already planning to make our dyno competition even bigger: to set various dyno problems and have few categories for kids and adults as well as girls and boys!

We were so happy to see our members with those fancy disco costumes and felt grateful for their effort to dress up like that! Therefore we also did a costume award ceremony. Just look at those photos below, how cool everyone dressed up!

Of course, there was a birthday cake as well as non-alcoholic bubbly! Sarah made this awesome looking cake that resembled a climbing wall with many colourful holds. One of our member George Elliott also brought a cake to us as a birthday present. Thank you, George! It was super kind of you!

We are feeling very happy to have everyone as part of our Boulder Shack community ❤

Thank you for being there and if you haven’t attended our 2nd Birthday party make sure to celebrate our 3rd Birthday with us next year. It will be bigger and even better than before! Happy days!

With love,

Boulder Shack Team