Boulder Shack will soon be launching an online t-shirt shop!

We need your help to come up with some awesome designs!

Submit your designs below!

Whether you’re a professional graphic designer or ten years old with a paintbrush and some paints, we want to see what awesome designs you can come up with to go on a Boulder Shack T-shirt!

Anyone who submits a design will receive a free milkshake or cake on us! You can submit as many designs as you like, but you will only receive up to 1 milkshake or cake overall!

Your design can be anything you like!

Of course we’re always going to love anything climbing related… mountains, equipment, boulders. But you can be imaginative, we’re sure you’re full of great ideas!

If you want to incorporate the Boulder Shack logo into your design that would be great! We have it below for you to copy/artistically interpret/mess up and make it look crazy! 

You may use any materials you want for your design. Just send your design via the link below!

Deadline: 22/1/2021