‘I’m ready to start climbing. What is the first step?’

If you are thinking that you might want to start climbing then I’m here to explain what easy steps you can take that will leave you feeling confident with your new skills. And most importantly, help you find other people just like you to go climbing with at your local wall.

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In my last post I ‘busted’ a few common reasons why people might choose not to take up climbing. It’s very clear that, if you want to climb, there is very little in the way of you achieving this.

There are two hurdles that a lot of people, perhaps understandably, get stuck on. Firstly, finding somewhere to learn to climb, and secondly, finding someone to climb with. However, there is an easy way to climb over these obstacles.

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Finding somewhere to learn to climb

Very simply… search the internet for ‘Climbing wall in [your nearest city] [your county]” and there will almost definitely be a wall within 30-45 minutes of your home, no matter where you live. Visit the UK Climbing website and use their climbing wall finder and you’ll see how easy it is to start climbing.

At Boulder Shack, our Induction Plus sessions cover all of the basics of bouldering. You’ll be in a group with other novice climbers (so this is an easy and fun way to meet other people to climb with!) and you’ll be guided by one of our friendly and knowledgable instructors.

Once you’ve found your nearest climbing wall then you need to call them up. Every public climbing wall will offer a course that teaches new people to climb – fact. Get them to tell you about their course programme, check the dates, and book your space.

Then you just need to find someone to climb with, right?

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Finding someone to climb with

This is the easy part, you don’t need to do anything, just turn up for your course and you’ll see that most of the other people booked on to the course have also done this on their own. At Boulder Shack the majority of Induction Plus sessions are booked by independent people!

Your local wall will most likely have a Facebook page and this is another great way to meet other new climbers at that wall. Just post on the page wall saying “I’ve just learnt to climb and looking for someone to climb with. Anyone fancy a climb this week?” You’ll almost certainly get a good response!

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Start climbing!

Once you’ve found your new climbing partners, make sure you keep hold of them. Give them your number and most importantly take theirs. Join them on Facebook and send them a message right after the course to arrange your first visit back to the wall before time moves on too far. Just follow these simple steps and you’ll be ready to start climbing in no time at all!

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