We want to turn the Shack into a green and leafy paradise, with plants outside the front entrance to welcome you in, and house plants inside the café area for that chilled out vibe…

And we need your help!

🌱🌴Got spare plants?
We’d love to give them a home!
Indoor or outdoor, just make sure they’re labelled.

🗑️⚱️Got spare pots?
Bring them along!
All varieties very welcome – let’s be creative!

On Saturday 27th August, we’re hosting a crafting session to transform the pots into something funky and stylish to fit in with the Shack vibes.

👩🏾‍🎨 Paint plant pots with us 11am-2pm
🎨 All crafting materials supplied
🥙 Café deals (and rewards if you donate a plant or pot!)

🧗🏿‍♂️And of course, whilst you’re here, why not have a climb?

Free entry to join in the fun.

Standard climbing prices apply.