Mums and babies climbing at Boulder Shack in Southampton

That’s right, Boulder Shack has made it on to the BBC who reported on the Mums and babies group that climbs with us on Monday mornings. This is a fantastic opportunity for you (Mums) to come and climb yourself in a group whilst sharing the care of your babies between you.

Read the full article here on the BBC website.

If you’d like to come down with your baby then please do, we’d love to see you! No need to book, just turn up on a Monday morning, there will be an instructor to help support you from 10:30am but often Mums and babies are arrive from 10am for a cuppa first. By all mean, do also contact us if you’d like to chat and hear more.

If your children are starting to get a little bigger then have a look at our Climbing Tots classes or Junior Climbing Clubs, we’ve got something for everyone!