We are sorry to hear that a number of people will be boycotting Round 1 of the Mega Series in an effort to highlight gender inequality within the route-setting industry.

Addressing Gender inequality in route-setting @ Boulder Shack

Since last summer, Ollie (our route setting manager) has been working hard to address this issue and we’re pleased to announce that, as a result of this work, all pro sets moving forward in 2023 (including the Mega Series) should have at least one female route setter booked in the diary; In an industry that is male-dominated, booking quality female route setters isn’t without its challenges, which is why we can’t confirm that this is the case for every pro set in 2023 at this point in time – but it’s certainly on our agenda.

Developing new route-setting talent

Boulder Shack strives to develop its staff further in various roles within the climbing industry, including route setting. All staff members are given the opportunity to be taught how to route set, and then be mentored through the start of their route-setting careers. We strongly believe that it is through grassroots training, development and experience that the industry as a whole can benefit and decrease the gender gap in professional route setting.  As such, the development of our in-house setting team is now at the point where we will be working with each of them to get them involved in setting for the competition series from March 2023 onwards.

We need your help!

Have you heard of or seen a kickass female setter you want to see down at Boulder Shack? Please let us know and we’ll do our best to book them in 🙂

Thank you for inviting us to improve our diversity, encouraging us to be better, and bringing the conversation of equality within the industry to the forefront.

Team Boulder Shack x